Senseless of Style

A typical conversation lately:

Friend: So, are you excited about your new apartment?

Me: Yeah, I guess.

Friend #2: Dude, this is so exciting! I love getting to decorate a new place.

Me: Um, yeah…

Friend: Oh, yeah, isn’t it great? New furniture and paint colors and swatches and- Ollie, are you crying?

Me: No. I just, you know, I have something in my eye.

Friend: You are, you’re crying. Aren’t you excited about decorating your new place?

Me: Sure, yeah. I guess. I mean, everyone has their own style right and it’s the perfect way to- to express, t-

Friend #2: (laughs) Dude. Get it together. You’re acting like you don’t have a sense of style or something…

Friend: Oh no. That can’t be it. I’m sure Ollie’s got a style. Everybody’s got a style! My nana has a style for crying out loud. So what is it, Ol? Mid-century modern?

Friend #2: Minimalist?

Friend: French country?

My head hangs in shame. Silence…  Friends look at each other.

Friend #2: Hey, look what I found- a Pottery Barn catalog! Just here in my purse. Ollie, why don’t you take a look-

Me: Don’t patronize me! I hate you both! Never speak to me again!

Storms out…
Ok, so technically that last part was more 90210 than what really happened but you get the gist. A new apartment is coming and I have been worried… very worried. If you wonder why my preoccupation over the next few weeks is real estate/furnishing related, this is why. Just so you know.

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One Response to Senseless of Style

  1. thecreme says:

    Ollie, you gotta get a sewing machine. I’ve been making curtains and slip overs and rugs and duvets and pillows for beacoup cheap. I will search for inspiration photos for you. How exciting! Your style is right around the corner, waiting for you to visualize it.

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