May the Fourth Be With You

Yay! Ollie you made it to Chicago alive, I was so worried. So concerned in fact was I, that I could not assuage the stress any longer and had to whisk myself off to resort and spa on the north side of the island. Once word got out to the locals that I was that very same American from the “missing” posters, I had been massaged nearly raw, and was ready to return to Creme.  The interns can be so overly dramatic and needy.

But here I am, and there you are.  Is it wonderful?  Do tell.  Can you bottle the eau de chocolat and send it my way? 

How do they celebrate the 4th in Chicago?  Does it involve processed meat of some kind?  Over here in Japan, they are wild about the fourth.  The fire works have actually been firing since Golden Week, back in May.
And let me tell you, you don’t know from hot until you’ve slid on your own kitchen floor because of humidity.   I’m thinking I’m wearing my birthday suit to the festivities this Independence Day.

So happy you made it safely!  Enjoy your newfound independence.

Love, Cones

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