You Are Here…

So I made it. I am alive. I am in one piece.

I am the following things:

– Confounded and thrilled at how many pubs you can squeeze into one city block.

– Still dazed after the Cubs/Sox series over the weekend AND Gay Pride have filled my friend’s neighborhood with baseball and diva crazies fighting over sidewalk space.

– Still apparently in love with posts that are compiled entirely of bullet points. I am such the homage to Rob from High Fidelity and I need to be stopped.

– Now working from home and concerned with how much food I can consume in an eight hour period.

And finally,

– Wondering what happened to Cones. There are three possibilities here. And yes, I am now switching to number bullets. Try to keep up, people.

1) One of her four other rapidly growing enterprises needed her immediate attention, meaning she’s in Tokyo or Milan or some other glamorous place that I barely have time to look at on a map let alone fly to on a business-related whim.

2) Like myself, she took the test at the “Adult ADHD” tent at Taste of Chicago over the weekend and now is convinced she needs ritalin and/or therapy to overcome this issue.

3) Is celebrating her 30th birthday on some fabulous beach somewhere, even though she lives on a tropical island and can sit on the beach any day of the week.

In any case, Mama’s here, children. I have such ooey, gooey fun up my sleeves for this week. Just you wait. Chicago Ollie is ready to play.

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One Response to You Are Here…

  1. Caitlin says:

    yay! i was starting to worry about you girls!

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