Tales from the Road

At the moment, I am the following things:

– Sitting in a “Business Center” in the gorgeous and sexy La Quinta Inn in North Berkeley on what has to be the most ghetto-irregular Internet connection on the planet.

– Cursing my sore feet after walking six (SIX, people) miles of San Francisco territory. But I did get to sit in a WWII submarine. My father would be so proud that I spent $9 to hear some 90 year old veteran teach me about pressure valves.

– Incredibly nervous that the 36 hour train ride to Denver tomorrow will destroy my soul.

– Incredibly nervous that my 28 hour train ride from Denver to Chicago will be outright cancelled since half the Midwest is under water right now. It’s not looking good. On top of that I feel guilty for even feeling bad about missing a train ride when people lost everything. Self-flaggation and a deep-dish pizza, party of one.

– More than a little bummed that I have to spend at least eight hours of the next train ride working on my decrepit, wireless-free laptop. I still don’t even know how that will happen.

– Incredibly touched and unbearably moved by the Chicago posts/comments this week! I am especially thrilled by that Blogger-Map thing. That thing is awesome. If you’re on that map, expect my stalking ass to be all over y’all like a fat kid on cake.

OK. Must go. My 8am train call awaits.

With love and kisses and inappropriate pinches,


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