Hot Chocolate and Smooth Podcasts

Did you know that if you are standing down wind in a certain magical area of Chicago….the air is filled with the smell of….chocolate?  It’s true, I thought it was an urban myth to make the rest of us American urban dwellers feel jealous, but no.  There is actually a factory that emits the sweet smell of chocolate.  It has been the cause of much controversy, from what I hear.  Far be it from me to frown on environmentalists, but I have to say, it beats the smell of the Malibu sewer system. Or SoHo on a hot summer night. You can hear about it in Part 3 of “In the Shadow of the City,” a show by Ira Glass and This American Life.  

TAL, incidentally, is my favorite podcast. And it is, incidentally, recorded in Chicago, by Chicago Public Radio. I did not go to the Chicago Public Radio Station on my trip to Chicago, but i did listen to their podcast.  In Chicago.  And I felt cool. Does this make me a strange sort of uber-hipster-know-it-all star-f*cker? 

I suppose this is what someone from Kansas would feel watching the Oscars while staying at a hotel in Hollywood.  No?  

Anyway, I knew I was climbing over that late 20-something hill when my idea of a really good friday night was driving my Jetta around LA with my boyfriend listening to Ira Glass and the true stories of ordinary people. 

And Ollie gets to be there. In the same city as all those TAL stars. She might be at some hot Chicago speakeasy and see Ira Glass popping Cristal and Pinot Noir with Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris at the table next to her. And then Dan Savage rolls in with his posse and poodle. And Sarah Vowell might saunter up to the mic and do a little impromptu ditty from her latest book, perhaps something about John Wilkes Booth. Meow.

And those totally cool cats will befriend Ollie.  Because she is ordinary.  And dry. And witty.  And uber-hispter-know-it-all-ly. (In the best sense of the phrase.) Omigod I would totally come to visit tomorrow if a plane flight from Japan didn’t cost literally $8000. And take a week and a half.

Image from: Chocolate-World

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3 Responses to Hot Chocolate and Smooth Podcasts

  1. Persephone says:

    I want to have Ira’s love child.

  2. Ollie says:

    Is it gay to announce to the world through this blog that I basically moved to Chicago because of This American Life? Whatever, now it’s out there.

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