Real Good Eats

For the best eats in Chicago, I’ve enlisted the help of Annie Little J., a long time friend and aficionado of all things cosmopolitan.  She landed in Chicago, sight unseen, 4 years ago after living in some of the country’s best spots: Los Angeles, San Diego, Hanover & New York City. After her graduation from law school, we all anxiously awaited her return to Los Angeles, but Chicago had it’s claws in deep. She could make a sweet living in some sort of “tour-guide / hostess / girl-about-town” capacity, but alas we have temporarily lost her to the dark side. I’ve only been to Chicago once, and thanks to the ridiculous time she showed me, it now ranks as one of my top 3 U.S. cities. For a reasonable fee, I can accidentally email you her cell phone number.

She and hottie BF Matt have shared with us their favorite spots:

Annie’s favorite feast: Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab

“60 E. Grand. Perfect for a fancy dinner out or an indulgent weekend brunch. The atmosphere is very steakhouse-esque but with a lighter feel to the dining room. Awesome service, they play Sinatra AND they have the best cocktail in the city – The Keylime Pie Martini. It is AMAZING and not too heavy or sweet so you could easily drink three and not even notice.” (Trust be folks, she has.)

Matt’s fave: 2-way tie

1. Piazza Bella Trattoria

Something about the crust being “bubbly and crisp at the same time?”…I couldn’t understand through the non-stop chewing.  Delivery is a plus and it is cash only. Gets pretty busy so plan to have a drink at the bar first.

2. Sushi Kushi in Lake Forrest

Apparently, all the Japanese businessmen in Matt’s office hall their cookies daily to Lake Forrest just for this outstanding sushi. You would be wise to follow.

Best sushi in the city: Kamehachi: That dragon roll looks like it could feed a team of Samurai.

Also: Sushi Wabi

From their website: “In this sophisticated and swanky dining spot simplicity speaks volumes. Fresh fish abounds and delights diners.”

By the time Ollie’s train rolls into Chicago, she’s going to want nothing more than a soft pillow and a reliable delivery man. Grub Hub may just be her new best friend. They have a great variety of different places, online menus listed, and reviews. Grub Hub has services in San Francisco and Boston as well.

One of the perks of leaving Los Angeles?  Restaurants that serve….real food.

Photos: Ocean YamahaDiftorhehsmusmaBroox,

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  1. Persephone says:

    Just ran across this link:

    It covers indie establishments in Chicago (and elsewhere) – restaurants, salons, bars, etc.

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