Chi-Town here she comes!

For those of you who were unaware, our brave little Ollie is leaving the jungle of Hollywood and moving East to Chicago, sight unseen.  I can’t say that I’ll miss her much, and that’s only because I haven’t seen her mug since December, when I hitched a Boeing 757 the heck out of town.

You see, when the stars aligned to bring us together, we were in another city. And as of Wednesday, Los Angeles will only be a smoggy, traffic-ridden, sunset of a memory for us both. If not for this blog right here, THE VERY BLOG YOU ARE READING, Ollie and I would only be a distant memory to each other, with nothing but the occasional Facebook Poke to maintain our friendship.

And we would poke, occasionally. And then sigh, wondering what we ever saw in each other in the first place.  It is only because of you, dear readers, that we have created Creme de la Mode and spend upwards of 4.5 hours a day with each other via iChat. And for that, you deserve ***CHICAGO WEEK***!  (Notice our lovely new custom designed header.)

While Ollie is riding the rails cross country – Luddite nut that she is – the interns and I will be voraciously pouring over the best of Chicago that the web has to offer.  And you, faithful readers, will help! (maybe?…Persephone?…………..Bueller?)

Ollie will need an apartment, she will need gourmet cheese and cheap wine, she will need a social life (midwestern gentleman, hint hint).

Thankfully since Creme has successfully hoarded 75% of her waking hours, she will NOT need a job, so don’t give her any ideas.

So if you have any tips on where to get the best Chicago hot dog, or the phone number of your handsome, corn-fed cousin in Chi-Town, please send it our way.

Ollie thanks you. Trust me she does.

[photos courtesy of Flickr: Iceman9294, Len Langevin, LittlePretty, Devirdaim]

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One Response to Chi-Town here she comes!

  1. Persephone says:

    All I know about Chicago is that they grow ’em tall in them there parts. Lots of tall boys who open doors. Good news for Ollie. And didn’t Domino (or Elle Decor or House Beautiful) do a spread on Chicago this month with shopping tips? Or was it Lucky?

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