Can I get an Amen Sister?

I found this inspiring graphic by Cali Rezo over at the delightful blog Dancing Doc Design. I can’t wait till popular taste swings back around to earlier images of feminine beauty. Particularly the pooch-y girl, third from the left with the tiny ta-tas.  Then I could find a dress that fits properly.

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2 Responses to Can I get an Amen Sister?

  1. bethenaïs says:

    thank you so much for the post here-3rd from the left is a natural for me too! Aaamen,sister for sharing this Cali Rezo piece with more folks-perhaps more women will note that variety is a natural thing and we are not supposed to be clones from the extreme makeover factory!

    ps that is NOT to say there is not a place for plastic surg having been reconstructed via the breast cancer track, like a lucky Humpty Dumpty- let’s just say that these guy and gal surgeons are brilliant sculptors of the flesh- this week marks my 10 years survivor -and hoorah !
    merci so your post is ever more the gift of passing inspiration on!

  2. thecreme says:

    If I could justify elective surgery to myself, I would have #5’s lovely lady humps, but alas, I am destined to the shape god gave me. However, congratulations to you Bethenais for getting to be a lucky Humpty Dumpty! Fate has a funny way of bringing us fortune, doesn’t she? Happy 10th Anniversary!

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