The “I Have a Masters But Then I Got Married” look

Who ever said green tea was a suitable replacement for coffee was selling green tea and apparently a bridge to nowhere. After unsuccessfully tearing through several empty backup stashes of coffee beans in a junkie-like fashion, I found one sad little fishy-smelling bag of green tea, and I am currently sucking on what’s left of it trying to get enough caffeine to write a post. Bear with me while I pick the scales out of my teeth.

Green Tea is also completely worthless at getting my pipes moving, and really this is not helping my concentration level. There needs to be an order to things, damnit!  Just looking at these smug bitches with their roasted cups of joy is making my innards twich.

In other Cones news…

So I saw Sex & The City on my 30th B-Day. I will not spoil it for you though if you have not seen it by now, you are probably not a big fan because I managed to see it TWICE in Japan, so what the hell is your excuse?

I can sum up my reaction this way. I was sitting there at the end of the movie when the lights came on, mascara streaming down my chin, and I looked down into the lap of my black cocktail dress and there is pink gum literally smeared all over my dress, and my camera (what, you didn’t bring your camera to the movie? Or a copy of Vogue for the ticket sales guy to sign?)  

Truth be told, I didn’t even recall bringing my camera. Or how we got there.  There were Cosmos, and then somehow, I was magically at the theatre and the in-betweens are blurry.


So the gum. Was. Everywhere. Except my mouth.  I was so into this movie that at some point my bubble gum had fallen out of my mouth and smeared itself all over my dress and my camera. I looked like I had rolled under the theatre seat.  

It was that good.


So now that Michael Patrick King and Co. have apprised me of all the things a woman entering her 30’s in a certain socioeconomic sector should want from life (Sex, Shoes, and a closet to rival the size of the house I was raised in) I’m going to need some sustenance to balance out all the Vodka. And what does every 30-something woman want to eat?….. YOGURT.

Over at Forever Chic, I found this little gem:


Now I want to be a masters-educated, recently married, know-it-all who sits around all day in her gray sweats eating yogurt. Unfortunately all this blogging is getting in the way of my study time. But not my eating time.

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4 Responses to The “I Have a Masters But Then I Got Married” look

  1. “Who’s on first? Yogurt is!”
    Gah, it’s kind of sad how much I can relate to that.

  2. Persephone says:

    Green tea = pond scum.

    I was catatonic after SATC. I cried so much my face was bloated and misshapen and I had to have several restorative drinks to revive my spirits. I found it depressing. And fun. At the same time.

  3. thecreme says:

    Persephone, you are officially getting a Creme nickname. P-Seph. Consider yourself branded.

    I didn’t cry as much as I did in the series finale. I felt robbed on that one. At least I feel that there was some closure. It was depressing in the sense that there was really nothing left to do in these women’s lives. Menopause in the City. Uh, but I love it still, and would gladly see them all through the Change.

  4. thecreme says:

    Gretchasketch…. All I heard in your comment was the sound of Eliza Doolittle’s “Gaaaaahhh”. My ears have finally stopped ringing. 😉

    Seriously how absurd is that “who’s on first” commercial??

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