Cheer Up Call

Remember that scene in 101 Dalmations (right, I’m an adult. Shut up.) when one of the dogs are in trouble so they do that kind of puppy-phone tree thing and they howl a message and another dog picks it up and passes it along and pretty soon every pup in all of England knows that 15 dalmation puppies were stolen and to be on the look out for some whacked out ho with a cigarette holder and a killer fur coat (sorry, it’s awesome, please don’t call Peta)?

One of the best parts about blogs is being able to cheer someone up whom you’ve never met. All it takes is an encouraging comment and you’ve left an impression that the world is still a lovely place, full of lovely, big-hearted people who care even though they’ve never seen your mug.

While Fly is killing in the fresh content front, Reclaiming Miss Havisham’s post about her day yesterday is making my chest hurt. Show her some love please, my little angels, if you haven’t already. Breaking up is hard. Bad days at work can really weigh you down. Asshole bosses will be terminated. (Look for that future feature on Creme de la Mode, coming this fall by way of whoop-ass.)

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