How It’s Going

Ok. This is slightly more difficult than I thought it would be.

For one thing, it would’ve helped if at least one of the five chosen sites were dull. Or featured a gallery homage to Gwyneth Paltrow. Or threatened to kidnap my family. You know, something to make this whole thing a little easier.

But no. Instead, I am enraptured by the vintage shots featured on both Reclaiming Miss Havisham and a recent post from Lola is Beauty. How did you know I was a sucker for sepia?! Who told?!

Incidentally, this is one from my personal collection. That’s my dad in the middle. It felt weird reposting someone else’s family photo.

I am feverishly fowarding the permalink to this beehive rhapsody from Fly to all my gays. STAT.

I am completely swallowed up by Love Made Visible’s About and her blog links. I want to be her. This is a problem as I am me and she lives in New York.

Lord. Whose idea was this again?

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One Response to How It’s Going

  1. bethenaïs says:

    ok-you have made me laugh out loud AGAIN! and those doos,beehives …wowie—reminds me of the conehead family of television yesteryear- is this a real word?what a hoot to see how in the fashion world what would normally require neurosurgery for cranial dysynestosis ,is looking kinda elegant in a way- and maybe for me it would enhance my short stature better than 5 in heels-ooch!

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