LA Story

I came to Los Angeles four years ago, with everything I could pack into my best friend’s 1994 Geo, no job and a couple hundred bucks of graduation money. When anybody asked me why I came, I shrugged and said, “To have a good time.”

And now in my last week as a California girl, I am awash with nostalgia. This morning, for no other reason than the heartbreak of what wasn’t meant to be forever, I found myself poring over photos. Forgive the intrusion of my melancholy, of my last good-bye.

The apartment.

The never-was.

The store.

The show.

The street.

The eats.

The script.

The sun.

Photo Credits from Flickr: 1- fliegender1, 2- Steve Hanson, 3- Omar Omar, 4- agilitynut, 5- P.S. zollo, 6- girlesque, 7- merkley???, 8- jessica new

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5 Responses to LA Story

  1. Persephone says:

    Where are you moving?

    Don’t be sad. I gave you a little prezzie on my blog. It’s almost as good as a free unicorn.

  2. Ollie says:

    Ooh- I think that kind of present might even trump the unicorn! Thanks a ton! I can’t wait to check out the other sites you listed too. Clearly you have exceptional taste.

    I’ll be gracing Chicago with my presence next.

  3. tessa says:

    i found you from persephone and sweet jesus i love this post. the freeway w/ no cars? what magical world is this?

  4. TIG says:

    Love this post — captures your nostalgia and mood perfectly, and the images are beautiful.

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