Lunch: A Carefully Articulated Plea

Firstly- An answer to the unspoken question, “How do you decide what to write about?”

Most of the time, it’s a carefully weighed decision like “Ollie, you’ve been reading the archives for this blog for seven days in a row and commenting on her posts everyday like some deranged fan-maybe it’s time to tell the world why you love it. Just a thought.” Sometimes, it’s a gentle nudge from Lady Editor (whose birthday was this past Sunday. I invite you to read this post and let Cones know that you’re thrilled with the person she’s becoming. I know I am).

And sometimes, like today, it’s a trip down the usual blogroll where I realize a blog I love is directly addressing a conversation I just had, not thirty minutes ago.

Today, I was clicking through Lunch and thought, “Maybe.” After all, it’s simple, the ladies are smart and quite classy, and the photos make me drool and I think I’ve been very restrained in not chattering your ears off about food sites lately. And then I went to the About page and read this (click here if the text is too small for your weary eyes).

Funnily enough, I’d just gotten back from lunch where a friend and I were having this same conversation. Now granted, I usually fall in the latter category but it’s for purely financial reasons. I am my father’s girl and if it’s a choice between new shoes and lunch in a restaurant every day, my budget generally leans toward Nordstrom’s. And it is just so easy to lazily stay at your desk, reheating a cup of soup and listening to the drone of the fluorescent lights above your head.

Having said that, I have noticed the difference when I take the time out to remove the shackles from underneath my desk and step blinking into the sun around that magic hour. It is, really, a mini-vacation in your day. One hour of whatever you need it to be- gossip, chocolate, meditation, blissful silence, a few chapters in a book, a rejuvenating nap in the backseat of your car, only to be woken up by startled people passing your car in the crowded parking garage wondering if you’ve died in your car with your suit jacket covering your head like a blanket. Not that I’ve ever done that. I don’t wear suits to work.

I don’t know about you but I am a huge believer in taking advantage of vacation time- the human being’s requirement for recharge, rethink and relax- and now that lunchtime has this vacay-like sheen to it, I’m wondering why I haven’t embraced this sooner. Now I’m sharing it with you, so you should embrace it too.

So if you’re like me and your preferred escape during the day is into other worlds via the blogroll as opposed to snoozing under a tree and fending off dogs and ants, I suggest Lunch the next time you, you know, lunch.

It’s a good start.

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