Amuse your Bouche

Cones here.  Ollie’s been temporarily assigned to latrene duty for a) littering our beloved site with nonsensical images of unicorns; and b) exposing my neuroses publicly…. I decided to spice up the site a bit in her absence. So, we’ve added the Daily Bites… over there on the left.  Since we spend 60 cummulative hours daily on the net, we thought we’d share our delicious finds.  And please send any suggestions our way!!!

Don’t worry loyal readers (Persephone) – Ollie will be back as soon as I can see my reflection in the bidet.  Until then, check out the Bites!

[Photos from The Wandering Eater]

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1 Response to Amuse your Bouche

  1. Persephone says:

    Oooh…I like, I like. Go easy on Ollie – she still believes in unicorns.

    Thank you for the link – most of my traffic comes from people googling “furvert” and “leiderhosen” so this might bring a whole new kind of reader.

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