So, ok. Breathe.

I’m in the middle of this big city-to-city move. Thus requiring me to spend my days as a spastic loon, running between the post office to Office Depot to Packing Mode to Selling Mode to Throwing Shit Away Mode to Hi, Remember Me? I Donated Stuff to Goodwill Yesterday Too. And the day before that. And the day before that. Want to get a frozen yogurt, I see you more than I see my friends. No? That’s cool.

I don’t know about you but when I find myself in a time of upheaval, I crave certain things. Like a pregnant woman in the throes of hormones and mixed messages, they don’t always make good sense. Or any type of sense.

When I’m stressed, I crave nostalgic things. The past brings me untold stability. I need old things, things from my youth, things that brought me joy before I was too cool to admit they brought me joy, things that speak of a simpler time.

Taco Bell. #5 Nacho Bel Grande Combo.

Myrna Loy movies.

Corny music. I’m talking Grade-A corn too, the music of my youth. Like Jefferson Starship. And Air Supply.

Ah yes. Such things bring me inexplicable calm. I’ve been singing “All Out of Love” at my desk nonstop for a week. Thank God for Finetune, is all I can say. See, you can make a giant playlist of all the music deemed too dangerous to buy online and risk someone seeing/mocking on your iPod. And then listen to it nonstop on your computer while you work and make endless lists of change-address forms.

It’s easy to breathe when you’re interrupted by thoughts like, “God, ‘I Write the Songs’ is really the most egotistical song ever. I mean, isn’t it? Maybe I’m not interpreting the lyrics right or something.” Yup, here I am, the one that you love…over-thinking Barry Manilow. Jesus.

You can imagine my joy, then, when I stumbled over this. The website for The American Package Museum.

Hooray for nostalgia! I warned you my cravings didn’t make sense. Oiy, I just scrolled through this whole random scadoodle of photos. I really do need a vacation.

P.S. If you really want an enjoyable 4 minute break, please enjoy this which just might be my favorite music video of all time. ALL TIME. And here, the reason why I originally fell in love with this song. And yeah, that little blond is Fergie. With slightly less makeup than she wears today. And Mario Lopez. This is my entire childhood, complete with sound effects. Is it any wonder I’m so charming?

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2 Responses to Little…Yellow…Different…

  1. Persephone says:

    Love the random assortment of goodness (including the top photo) in this post.

    I’ve had “We Built This City” and “Heaven (is a Place on Earth)” looping constantly in my head all week. Please God, send me something decent, like Flock of Seagulls or Crowded House. Anything.

  2. steve says:


    Myrna Loy, beautiful lovely! I have to agree, she brings comfort to me as well.
    I enjoy the place I go when I first laid my eyes on her, the time’s were different and so much more simpler.
    Alas, like the song say’s, “Don’t look back, you can never look back!”

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