This One’s For the Quiet Ones

I was dancing my way through my Reader this morning and saw a post by Slow Like Honey that made me pause. Actually, SLH’s posts often have that effect- usually because I moon over her photos and elegant prose and say to myself, “This girl is still in college?!” Needless to say, my range of elegance in college was more along the lines of “Should I eat Cocoa Puffs for dinner? Or Cap’n Crunch? Oooh, four types of pie! Beer!”

Anyway, she did a sweet tribute to Michelle Williams, who I love as well, and then this is where Ollie’s spastic train of thought did a detour from disappointing orange muffins (and we’ve all been there, Sug) to chocolatey cereal to actresses who stay mum. It surprised me as I thought of the ones who live quiet lives, the ones who do their best to demur from the too-personal questions and the glare of the telephoto lens from across the street, that I’ve come to adore pretty much all of them for just that reason. I love me some old-fashioned, glamorous Hollywood and an element of mystery has always gone hand in hand with sophistication. Would Greta Garbo be so intriguing if she’d spilled out her life story in the rags?

I. Kidman

Let’s all admit one thing- this woman is privy to the kind of information about a certain mega-movie star that could stop the entertainment world in its tracks. Her private life, then and now, is undeniably fascinating and a cascade of burning questions. Yet she’s an undeniably shy woman who just happens to have the most public job in the world. She does her best to remind us of that, and only that, all the time.

II. Reese

What’s that old adage about a woman scorned? Something tells me it has little to do with restraint, dignity and class. Reese must not have gotten the memo or my book “Oh, Hell No, You Are Well Within Your Rights to Read that Man to Filth on a Stage, on the Street or Wherever the Hell You See Fit, Sweetheart.” But that’s all speculation, of course.

III. Julianne

How much do we really know about Julianne Moore? The answer is “As much as she wants us to know.” And she’s been in this industry for a long time. Personally, i prefer it that way. Do I want any unseemly details about this woman’s personal life to get in the way of my impression of her as a truly impressive actress? (I’m looking at you, Jolie. See Thornton, Billy Bob)

IV. Diane

Just because they’re quiet, doesn’t mean they’re ever boring. What would I give to be stuck in an elevator with the charming, wryly eccentric Diane Keaton for thirty minutes. Even though I suspect she’d reveal nothing revealing, she’s still at the top of the list.

V. Katie

We had our concerns about Katie. In the beginning, we fretted over her safety, her presence of mind, her identity, her overuse of the word “wonderful.” But when did they fade away? Was it the haircut? Was it the reassuring photos of her baby in Vanity Fair that told us yes, there is a baby, she exists, that was not a prosthetic belly and when did Hollywood turn into Genoa City? Maybe it’s just the wall of glamour she’s erected around herself in defense. Whatever it is, I totally dig. Besides, we’ll probably never know the truth anyway (see Kidman, Nicole). Let’s placate ourselves with Jackie O references instead. Everyone else is.

VI. Scarlett

People have pretty definite opinions about our little sexpot (the recent CD release has only fueled that fire- personally, I think any artistic endeavor is brave, at the very least). But it’s hard to deny that whenever Johansson is mentioned, the words “old world Hollywood” aren’t far behind. And beyond the curves, if you can tear yourself away, it’s easy to see why. Might I remind you that she’s only 24 years old? Were you this poised, this focused, at 24? Do I have to remind you about cereal and beer?

VII. Natalie

Yeah, ok, so continuing with the young ones who are mature far beyond their years… Natalie, by all rights, should not have made it this far. She’s been acting since she was a wee one after all and we all know that child actors put the tragic in career trajectory. We should know everything, courtesy of a VH1 “Where Are They Now?” special airing at 2 in the morning. Instead, she continues to do confusing things. Like go to college. And actually read scripts. And tell us nothing. And everything.

VIII. Michelle

If you had said to me in 1998 that those two girls from Dawson’s Creek would both make a list of admirably subtle stars, I would’ve snorted Diet Coke through my nose and ask you for a tissue. And yet here we are. Finishing the post with a tough little dish who has weathered an unimaginably difficult year, quietly releasing movies where she moves softly and acts powerfully across the screen. The only statements she’s made has been captured in celluloid and though we ache for her and her little one, we respect her too. Quite a feat, Lindley.

Thanks for the inspiration, Amanda. That’s all for me. Typing in black and white.



*Let me add a disclaimer here. A fair number of these ladies routinely make their way into the tabloids but it’s always the result of tabloid photos run amuck and loose-lipped “sources” that nobody seems to question. That being said, I believe there’s a sincere difference between courting the tabloids for publicity and simply being hunted. It’s my opinion that the women above are in the hunted category and every single one would do the dance of joy if the paparazzi were all eradicated from this Earth tomorrow.

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2 Responses to This One’s For the Quiet Ones

  1. Amanda says:

    Hey thanks for the shoutout! Glad I can add some eye candy both with food and hollywood tidbits 🙂

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