“Virtual Stylin'”… or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”


Not since the “Age of Tetris” have I willingly forgone sun, food, and well…bathing myself, for the sweet love and affection of a pixelated, radiating computer screen and joystick (oh the joy!).


That somewhat foggy year was soon followed by the “Summer of Snood,” from which I learned diligence, geometrical symmetry, and the value of bulk toilet paper and milk deliveries from Pink Dot Delivery Service (a practice that no doubt landed me on the FBI’s survivalist watchlist).  Don’t get me wrong, I get out occasionally. It’s just that there is just so much entertainment to be had on the web. 

But I have known no virtual joy like that I’ve experienced over at Polyvore. One shake video game, two shakes shopping trip with Patricia Field, Polyvore has officially replaced gossip magazines as my hour-sucking habit of choice.

Polyvore combines my loves of consumerism run amok and endless hours of drag & drop wonder. You can create collages of outfits, publish them, post them on your own blog, and even see everyone else’s collages. I literally started writing this post 3 days ago, and have found myself lollygagging through the maze of wonder over at Polyvore more often than I will disclose publicly (wait didn’t I have Memorial Day plans? When is that?)

The right-brained geniuses over at Polyvore cull thousands of clothing items, accessories & shoes from all over the internet, to create a virtual Vogue closet of sorts. Mix & match high and low, from Urban Outfitters to Barney’s jewelry floor (be still my quivering Mastercard). Or if you are a dreamer, go for the glory with high end summer cocktail party digs like this: (I stopped counting the price tags after it surpassed my car loan.)


Quite lovely. And you can click on other people’s collages to find out where to buy those desirable duds.

Best of all, there is no need, I repeat NO NEED to use Photoshop…so all those years of creating digital collages in that bloodsucking program c’est fini. Now if those oracles over at Polyvore could figure out how to create life collages. You know, mix and match friends, boyfriends, international locales, hot rods, for the perfect virtual life. Drop and drag this:

You, hot date, summer evening wedding in Cabo San Lucas lookin’ mui caliente in this:

Or how about Sunday brunch at the St. Francis Yacht Club, mimosas, handsome deckhands all in white….

perhaps the best of all… a caravan of all your girls, an indie music festival in the California desert and a weekend worth of trouble….

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really must attend to my fabulous life.  You know where to find me.


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2 Responses to “Virtual Stylin'”… or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

  1. Caitlin says:

    um…this is amazing. memorial day plans? more like…wait…didn’t i have a job or something??!

  2. thecreme says:

    oh yeah, I clearly need to lose the job.

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