Speaking of Snood…

Cones! Your post totally reminded me. MSNBC has this Newsblaster game and it’s Snood for the news!

I don’t know how effective it is when you actually want to read the news but I’m willing to embrace any excuse to play Snood under the guise of national awareness.

So fun! You just play and articles appear on the right. (I’d like to point out that I am actually quite proficient in Snood and the black bars on top inferring that I’m quickly losing the above game are a result of my trying to get a screen shot and not indicative of my talents. So stick that in your pipe and so on…)

So yeah. While you’re playing with your hot shoe collage, I’ll be reading about irate former press secretaries and the shizz going down in China- all while Snooding, sipping on Red Bulls and wondering if I can squeeze in a nap before my next class erm, I mean, meeting.

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