You know you are way too involved in pop culture when you go to spell “bananas” for your post header and find yourself spelling the word by singing “this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s.” No joke. As a writer, I should not admit that out loud. As a blogger, I have an obligation to admit that out loud. Curse you all and curse you too, Le Stefani, you and your fantastic use of eyeliner and infectious pop hooks.

But seriously, chickens? My life is crazy right now. Crazy like I had to get off IM before someone else contacts me with catastrophic news and I have no choice but to retreat to my home with two rolls of cookie dough and six hours of Buffy DVDs.

Let me then take this time to get emotional and tell you why I feel so lucky to have been asked to write for this blog (or, erm, demanded to be a part of it which is what actually happened but way less dignified). Even if not another soul but myself and Cones read its pages, I would still feel lucky. I would still write for it, every day. And the reason? The Positive Clause.

I love talking about stuff I love. It started out all “Ok, fine, I can’t complain about everything I hate. Whatever.” But now? It is such a relief to know that we’ve created a place where I have to do nothing else but think about beautiful, well-written, funny, yummy, sparky, snappy, unique, fascinating things and then sit cross-legged in the middle of it all and breath deeply while lighting candles of peace and releasing singing doves into the air and eating granola with dried cranberries and holistic cherries, weaving quilts of joy and warmth and friendship and God, I’ve actually made myself nauseous who knew that was even possible?

Anyway… back to business. I just bought these shoes and yes, they’re Jessica Simpson but know what?

I love them. And I feel better already.

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