At Ease, Kittens…

If you’re reading this right now, you are either

a) at work and did not take this day off and are wondering if your coworkers who called in “sick” today are smarter than you

b) you live on a small tropical island off the coast of Japan and for you, it’s already Saturday morning but you’re a dedicated reader and wanted to check in and make sure nothing important is happening on the mainland without you.

There is. It’s called “Summer.” But fear not! By my calculations, it’s approximately SECONDS away.

And to help tide you over, get your poor suffering ass over to Overheard at the Beach. It’s not quite as biting as Cones’ fave Overheard in New York but it’ll do in a pinch. It’ll also remind you that you could be sharing air with a bunch of bikini airheads talking about anal beads right now…which is probably where your coworkers are.  (Unless you live in LA where it’s raining. RAINING. It hasn’t rained in eight months.)

And as a reminder to that other kind-of-important reason for this three-day holiday, two blogs to peruse at your leisure. Can of Worms, the life and trials of an American living and working in Iraq (actually he just left but the posts will do you good) and this fascinating little number- WWI: Experiences of an English Soldier. It’s tricky but start with the earliest blog and slowly work your way through Memorial Day with these actual letters from a British soldier, written 90 years to ‘almost’ the day.

Happy Weekend!

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