Team SGM


Ode to SGM, by the Cones
There once was a blog full of prose
Discussing reality shows
The author was Glossy
The reviews were quite saucy
And so my interest arose.
And Work Out was never a favorite
Until SGM taught me to savor it.
Jackie Warner’s absurd
Brian Peeler’s a nerd
But I love how SGM flavors it.
She gives me my Real Housewives fix
Mocking ridiculous chicks
Exposing those broads
And all of their frauds
Her blog‘s at the top of my picks.

Ollie, can you spell L-Y-M-R-I-C? Consider yourself served.

[image from DallasDanceMusic]


My turn? HOTT. I know it seems unlikely but Cones and I have been going back and forth over Scented Glossy Magazines for a while. And while it’s true that she found it first, it’s been on my top Five list since then (remember that?) and she seriously called it first, the words literally spilling out of my mouth and onto IM five minutes too late. If we were blood related and this had to do with the front-seat, please know I would’ve punched her in the arm but good.

So much drama. I guess it shouldn’t surprise you that two women with TWENTY-TWO magazine subscriptions between them (oiy- that was a depressing revelation. Though it explains what the hell happened to my coffee table) would get into an argument about something, well, focused on the frivolous.

I promised her that I’d keep it short and simple (she gets nervous, that Cones- “two posts! What will people think?!”) so I’m gonna do my best to appease. You should read SGM if you like Bravo reality shows, snark, priceless video screenshots of said shows, gossip, random life observations, tacos and good writing by a genuinely funny chick. Her recaps get me every time. Even Work Out, the current show du jour, I could be less interested in but her reaction to it is hilarious. Real Housewives of NY is one I watched and/or threw things at the television during. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one thinking, “Did that dog just lick the inside of Jill’s NOSE? What is going ON? Is that a DRESS? Is Avery available for ADOPTION? Am I out of CHIPS?!”

To quote Forrest, that’s all I have to say about that…

Except for this. The “you had me at hello” picture.

Scented Glossy Magazines…take a whiff.


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One Response to Team SGM

  1. SGM says:

    Thank you for the DOUBLE props. Wooo!

    Take a look in the mirror, girls. There, you will see HOTT.


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