All Growsdup

Questionable taste is all around. Witness the skinny-lowrise-jean / brightly-colored-thong combo.  But the worst taste is bad taste that thinks it’s good taste.  





This pervasive strain of bad taste is seemingly harmless in its initial stages…










…yet if left unchecked….







…can morph into a cultural phenomenon of delusional middle aged women and a run on neon polyester-rayon Pucci imitations. 







Don’t blame the cougars.  Their prowl in the safari is nearing it’s twilight, and they need all the brightly colored feathers they can muster.  Let’s let them expire in peace, in all their sequined glory.

Besides, they’re only taking their cues from their 20-year old daughters.  I blame the daughters.  Who’s going to set the high fashion bar if not the hot 20-somethings that look hot in anything?

LISTEN TO ME.  If you are too old to live with your parents, then you are too old for spandex. Stop the fake-baking and the acrylics.  No more than 1/8 of your body should be covered in animal print of any kind. It’s time we acted our age.

Enter Todd Magill.  The noble (and quite talented) designer of GRAYDN is trying to save women (and their mothers) from poor taste by offering up these timeless pieces.

His Fall ’08 collection is rich in layered texture, highlighted in shades of muted grays and mauves. Each piece is beautifully fail-safe.  Go ahead, let your mothers in your closets – even they can’t screw it up.

Last but not least, the gaudy gold medallions and chandelier earrings have got to go. It’s not safe to just put them in a drawer, you know your mother will find them and steal them. Let them die with dignity at some second hand store where some teenager will pick them out for her halloween costume. With your new artistic threads, you’re going to need some handpicked works of art.

Enter the bling for the 21st Century:

These handcrafted pieces all hail from the charming and exquisitely well-edited collection of Persimmon Handpicked Objects.  Their website is beautiful and functional, and each piece has 3-4 photos allowing you to get a real feel for the jewelry.  If you are in the Los Angeles Area, you simply must visit the physical location. The organic displays showcase the handmade treasures in such a light that I dare you to try to leave without something on your hand/wrist/neckline. Although the most unique thing in the store may just be a Los Angeles sales associate who doesn’t act like she’s doing you a massive favor by letting you try something on.  It is an elegant little slip of a shop.  Treat yourself to some grown-up treasures.

Now, if only I could find a grown-up job to pay for all of this.

GRAYDN & Persimmon Handpicked Objects

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3 Responses to All Growsdup

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  2. Tina says:

    All the gray and black are a litle bit depressing.
    I think their style is more friendly and happy.
    Common, they are alive.

  3. thecreme says:


    Point taken, I can see how all the grey is a little….grey. I think what offends me more than color is 1. fit; 2. material; 3. abundance of boobage; 4. skin. I did see the Oprah where they “classed-up” the real housewives, and frankly they looked boring. I think I was speaking more the collective “mom” out there, the one without a camera crew in her bathroom. The french women dress their age and are totally hot, I just wish American women would do the same.

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