A Cup of Ambition

or What I Learned About Coffee from the Web in 33 Minutes

I resisted the pull of coffee for a long, long time. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand the taste of it- too bitter and acrid for my tongue, just tea for me, thanks. I managed without it all the way through college, subsisting on Diet Coke and Mountain Dew and crack* for my energy-boosting needs. I studied abroad in Rome, the land of espresso, people, and still I wrinkled my nose and shook my head when offered. Stupid girl.

And now? Let’s just say that this image search was almost too much for me to handle.

I mean, look at that. You just want to dip your hands in, like a bag of shining jewels (omg, that was SO Nigella of me. Why do I do that when I talk about food?). There’s the smell when you walk into a room and a pot is brewing nearby. Then you are no longer an adult person. You turn into a cartoon character, the wavy aroma hitting your nose and you go limp, lifting off your feet and gently floating, with a seriously dumb look on your face.

At some point, I had to give in. And today, my hands wrapped around my delicious black cup of French roast, I wondered if there was a beautiful place to visit on the Interweb that could take me into the sweetly addictive world of coffee and the culture we’ve created around it.

I searched Google, Google blogs, Blogger, and WordPress extensively, or as extensively as I could for 33 minutes. And while I didn’t find one singularly lovely space where lovely people talk about brews and pots, I did stumble upon some interesting stuff. So, if you’re interested in all things coffee- look no further. Below is all the priceless information one can get when they barely skim the surface of a very broad topic.

Blogs and Sites About Coffee

Daniel’s Coffee Blog– Ok, really. Once I read that this dude is a legit “specialty coffee educator”? I don’t know what that really means but I think he and I might have to get married. You can learn about the secret world of the coffee and the biznass of brew at Daniel’s blog and, if interested in those very important-sounding services, you should check out the website.

I love people who just love coffee. Like you, Arizona Coffee. You have dedicated your days to the coffee of Phoenix and the cities of ‘Zona and your site is positively DELIGHTFUL to play around in. A comprehensive guide to coffeehouses, articles, reviews and your commitment to quality has restored my faith in humanity, especially after two dozen websites that look like they’ve been chucked through a coffee grinder. Web designers/developers should rule the world.

Best One-Off Entry

Ok, so maybe it’s just because I work with a bunch of coders. And I have seen the depth of their addiction to the caffeine devil (why are you all so much more tired than the rest of us anyway?) That’s why when I read this headline “A Coder’s Guide to Coffee,” I said- ok, yes, YOU WIN. Sparse on pictures, long on words- so like a coder.

Coast to Coast

It would be stupid of me to do a search for coffee goods and not type S-E-A-T-T-L-E. And yeah, I could’ve gone for the big guys (as I drink out of my Seattle’s Best nalgene- natch) but microroasters are just more interesting. Therefore, I grant thee West Coast with the Seattle Coffee Works blog. You’ve gotta seriously love the stuff to go about making your own.

As for the East Coast, I liked the vibe of “Wicked Good Coffee in Boston.” The article title pretty much says it all. These are the people who will stand outside in -15 degree weather for fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee.

If You Feel Like Being a Good Person

Fair Trade for everyone! The coffee’s on me! And yes, technically we’ve already represented Washington State but the people do coffee and crunchiness like no-one else. So clearly we end up at Olympia Coffee Roasting.

If You Can’t Imagine a Better Way to Spend $6.50

Starbucks. Oh, Starbucks. I have to say, you intrigue me. You are very much the essence of America- a mostly well-intentioned monster that no one can stop. Your My Starbucks Idea site is a very interesting concept. Share- Vote- Discuss- We’ll See.

That’s all I got, kids. That’s what 1 cup and 33 minutes will get you these days. Cheers.


*Hi, Mom.

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4 Responses to A Cup of Ambition

  1. Persephone says:

    I know someone who turns to his girlfriend every morning and says, “My barista or yours?”

    Obviously, he lives in Seattle.
    Obviously, he needs to be punched.

  2. Nice post! Love the diamond imagery!

  3. aviva says:

    ineedcoffee.com is awesome, my friend MAS writes it. He goes to “cuppings” in Seattle where they taste espresso and determine regions. Insane.

  4. ollieoof says:

    Aviva- thanks for the suggestion, am checking it out now. And in a weird case of “are you in my head right now?” I am actually brewing coffee in the kitchen.

    I think we’re having a moment…

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