“you’re lovely” love note

Dear Sylvain,

First off let me just say that I adore saying your name. Sylvain Louradour. You cannot be a real person, you have to be some ethereal creature from a C.S. Lewis story or something Charlize Theron murmurs as she tears off her gold and her clothes in what looks to be the world’s most cheaply made Dior ad in the history of patchouli oil and bronze powder.

I love it when people stumble upon a “so easy-it’s genius” concept and put it into play (see Wear Palettes and pretty much every other effective blog in history). For you, of course, it was to offer up a plainly written request-

send a photo or a drawing

of your favourite place on earth

And then people did… and they took you quite literally too. Now you have a lovely place, aptly titled your lovely places, with pictures and drawings from all over the world.

Here’s why I love it, Sylvain. I love the positive notion of it, the way it broadly assumes that even though we all have our troubles and heartaches and tragedies, humiliation and missteps, that each and every one of us has still managed to find at least one perfect place on Earth. When clouds gather, there’s a place we can go. We close our eyes and we remember and we’re safe for just one more minute. There are still some places where trouble and heartache and tragedy dare not follow.

And it’s such a relief, such a gift, to be reminded of that. To be reminded of all the lovely places we’ve seen and have yet to see.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,


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One Response to “you’re lovely” love note

  1. Bella says:

    Such a nice blog! 🙂 congrats!

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