Soak it Up

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After my minor meltdown earlier this week, I realized I needed to re-harness my chi. (Thanks Ollie for your words of wisdom, love ya chicken.)  What better way to relax and refocus than a long, parfait-smelling soak in my dream bathtub.  Unfortunately, the Waterworks on Montana Avenue was not as keen to have my nude body soaking in their window display.  Something about city ordinances? Please, the City of Santa Monica has seen more shocking things than my nips. For pete’s sake, Tara Reid owns a store a block away.

Anyhoo, that did not stop me from dreaming ala interweb.

Now, for $38K, this copper tub will be mine. The wood tub is not bad either, although I think I’d feel like a Caesar salad.  Not like eating one – like I WAS one. I bet croutons would make excellent loofahs.

More important than the tub itself is the location of the experience.  I’m diggin’ these outdoor spots. What can I say, I’m into al fresco nudity. Can’t you just smell the pine cones? I wouldn’t even mind the grizzlies as long as they stuck to their end of the tub.

And then we have THE VIEW.  Not the quartet of yappity yentas on ABC, quite the opposite. I’m talking the breathtaking cityscape or sunset over the pacific. Nothing makes you feel at peace with the earth as….well, a peaceful view of the earth.

I shall not neglect the importance of PRODUCTS. I highly recommend a visit to LUSH.  The products look like and smell like the sweetest treats.  


They will be served to me in successive courses on silver trays by handsome cabana boys. Orange Chocolate Truffle Cream body bar anyone?

I taste better already.

From top: Copper tub from Waterworks, Wood tub from WS Bath Collections, Woods tub from Pottery Barn, Rooftop tub at Hotel du Vin, Beach view tub via Azulik, All bath products from LUSH

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