Ethan Hawke is a Mouth Breather

Oh, the joys of the disembodied header. This post actually has nothing to do with Ethan Hawke at all, it’s just a devastating realization I had this morning while I was huffing and puffing my way up the stairs to work, thinking about hot fudge sundaes and Reality Bites, which is a pretty typical Monday morning for yours truly. And I wanted to share the pain.

Today, children, we’re going to talk about color. Specifically, we’re going to talk about PALETTES. Even more specifically to the point of minutiae, we’re going to talk about Wear Palettes.

This site is simple to the point of obscene. And since I’m partially brain dead from this past weekend, it’s exactly what I need. It’s also all I am capable of reviewing before my head hits the desk.

I will admit to having a few deficiencies. For one thing, I am a naked babe in the woods when it comes to finding good music. You need to literally pick me up, drive me to the CD selling store and put the right CDs in my hands. Left to my own devices, I will do things like order Buzz Cuts or Monster Hits off the TV. Or buy the Mambo No. Five single on iTunes. It’s not a pretty picture.

I’m the same way with color. Can I wear brown and black together? I will stand in front of my closet forever, looking between my brown trousers and my black boots, my brow furrowed like Miss South Carolina at a Mensa meeting.

Finding Wear Palettes was just as revelatory as the day I found Pandora*. The clouds parted, a ray of sun beamed down and swathed my iMac in light, the angels sang, deer and bunnies ran to my side. Wear Palettes is so simple and easy and perfect, it’s almost nauseating.

A beautiful picture. Colors that complement each other, taken from said picture. That’s it. A new palette of rich, wonderous color every day, with none of that boring rhetoric to get in the way. Finally, a reason to look forward to my closet, the paint section of Home Depot (or Wal Mart, let’s be honest), decorating my new apartment, stores with the word “swatch” in them, my niece’s crayon box.

Even I can understand genius when I see it.

About Wear Palettes: Collecting about 1500 different palettes extrapolated from Sartorialist clothing pictures and updating everyday. (From the Wear Palettes page- Thank the stars for Swiss graphic designer students).

* I have a long-standing theory that God himself created Pandora, just for me. I would lay over train tracks for that website, such is the depth of my devotion and gratitude.

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