Technicolor Dreams

My days of artificially-induced escapades traipsing through colored landscapes of wonder had long ago gone the way of Albert Hoffman. Doomed was I to a world of static gray mountains and monochromatic clouds. Then, serendipitously, I stumbled and tripped upon the work of Artist / Visionary Yellena James (via Design*Sponge’s guest blogger Jenna from Modish – credit where credit is due). Yellena’s work is layered with whimsy and color, popping and oozing in all the right places.  This painting featured above, entitled “Allusion” has been tooling around on my computer for weeks, a muse waiting to inspire.  

So, I did a little web window shopping. I think we’re on the brink of some sort of technicolor revolution.

1. Channel Couture Dress on Kate Bosworth, can you believe this is Channel? image via Who What Wear Daily.

2. Erikson Beamon Arcade Ring at

3. Multi-beaded Platform Sandal by Stella McCartney

4. Jet Sequined Dress by Camilla & Marc Dress 

5. Tigris Necklace by Bea Valdez (necklace? seriously?  This thing is like candied body armor. Looove.)

6. Blue Shoes by Pierre Hardy

7. Vibrant Beaded Clutch by Stella McCartney

8. Handmade Celluloid Ring at Connie Sewer

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