Bring on the Candles

Counting down the last month of my 20’s. Shall we recap?

Age 20….revolving balance of -$20 in my bank account….using all my will power to limit the # of men I hook up with….pissing away $145 in tuition every time I sleep thru a class….starving myself to save my calories for scorpion bowls….falling in lust with absolutely beautiful assholes…. not a marketable skill to speak of…. composing really good reasons to drop out of school…

Age 25…working full-time at a law firm (which I loathe)….have started to spend my christmas bonus the preceding June…. fallen in love with man who I believe is too good for me….re-enrolled in college and working myself into exhaustion… living with my mother again… wondering if all adults are this miserable… haven’t seen the sun in years…. desperately longing to be 20 again….

Age 29.93…. living in a foreign country…self-employed….married to the “too-good for me man” who turn out to be the “just about right” man… spending 5 hours a day out of doors… sucking the marrow out of life…. looking forward instead of back…

I would never have guessed it 10 years ago, but…

[photo from Post Secret]

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2 Responses to Bring on the Candles

  1. cassandra says:

    you’re making me want to get to 30… and crossing my fingers that i’m on my way to being as happy as you are by the time i get there! (2.5 years and counting)… LOVE your blog. adding you to blogroll immediately 🙂

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