Oh The Places You’ll Go

oh how far we\'ve come.  photo from bspcs.com

[photo from bspcs.com]

We knew it was coming. Even before anyone owned their own personal computer (scribbling our homework on stone tablets), we intuitively knew that someday, we would be able to type messages into a handheld device to communicate with each other, take photos and send them through the air, play whatever tunes we desired, and all with one Inspector Gadget-like device. Granted, I thought that device would also project life-sized 3D holograms of my favorite Michael Jackson videos, and look like a Timex watch. Still, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad. Steve Jobs, you are forgiven.

I knew that the future was fast approaching when Google launched Google Maps. Once I got over the freaky feeling that I was being watched by Chinese satellites and my own government, I fell in love with the hybrid feature… oh look, there’s my apartment! and my Starbucks! and… my boyfriend’s car in my best friend’s driveway?!  

I’ll keep Pandora’s box closed for a moment…

As cool as the satellite photo of me tanning on my apartment roof was, I knew instinctually that Google Maps had not reached it’s full potential.

That day, my friends, has come. With Gmaps Pedometer, you can double click any point on a satellite map, and draw yourself a little map of where you’ve walked or run (even down alleyways and through parks).  Google tells you exactly how far you’ve traveled, and even how many calories you’ve burned.

Who knew I was getting my recommended weekly cardio just hoofing it home from bars?

Now, about that flying car I was promised…. 

Gmaps Pedometer… Walk it out…

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