Driving Me to Distraction

I will admit that when it comes to a few blogs, I tend to get a little…well, nuts is the most accurate word I suppose. I can count them on one hand (and by the hammer of Thor, I will review them all here) and whenever they put up a new post, I turn into a giddy, crazed teenage girl at an N*SYNC concert. Did I just date myself? How awkward for all of us.

I found Well Fed the way most of us find the best things in life- purely by accident in the midst of a search for something else. I don’t remember what I was looking for that day but I do remember that once I’d tumbled into this blog, I stood up, dusted off my trousers and decided I didn’t want to leave.

It’s a simple cooking site. There are no excess frills or ruffles here. I’m convinced that its simplicity is integral to why I find it so comforting, why I’m incredibly frustrated when more than three days pass without a post. Before the joys of Google Reader, I literally checked on it twice a day – clicking the link in my bookmark without even really thinking about it, an unconscious habit, a rat in a cage slapping at a pellet bar.

The food always looks inviting, lovingly prepared and warm, like you’ve already got a drink in your hand and your host is literally steps away in the kitchen preparing the next course. And because I can’t stand to not participate, I’ve made a few things from here as well. They all came out incredible- more of a testament to the directions and picture guides than my own limited cooking abilities.

In short, when I’m at work and I miss the Food Network, the trusty How-To shows I’ve come to depend on, Well Fed is just the thing to tide me over. (And while we’re on the subject, FN, can you give the boy a show already? You keep trying to shove Sandra Lee down my throat. You owe me one.)

Visit Well Fed today. It does a belly good.

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3 Responses to Driving Me to Distraction

  1. Grant says:

    Thank you girls. I think I love you. I am sorry though that I don’t post more often. (looks down in shame)

  2. caoaks says:

    wow, sounds like a delicious site! I am going to check it out for sure.

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