Is This Heaven?

People find such beautiful things. Why can’t I find butterflies on the ceiling? And divinely arranged purple artichokes? And wrapping paper that looks like it should be hung in a museum? And kitchens that leave me broken and wanting, a shell of my former self?

Why can’t I be surrounded by such glamorous things, just covered in sheaths of cashmere and Chinese silk, until I’m positively drowning in turquoise crystals and gold-embossed mirrors and hunched-over models with sour expressions, and choking on bits of pearl and amber and it’s glamour! lodged in my throat and I can’t breath and when did this sentence take such a dark and deadly turn?

Did This is Glamorous just try to kill me? I think it did. Continue reading at your own risk.

I love following The Trail* and ending up somewhere entirely unexpected. Of course, then I inevitably think I’ve stumbled upon something rare and little-seen and I’m convinced I’m a genius only to eagerly scroll down and see a pretty substantial list of “Media & Mentions” there in the corner.

I’m embarrassed to say this happens more often than I’d like. (And that is Danielle from ANTM and I am kind of freaking out now because I love her. Look at you, girl! All pretty and sitting still like that. Good for you.)

Anyway, TiG is a lovely place to visit if you’ve got a few second to spare in between nappies and spreadsheets. And martinis. And donuts. Oh, Glamorous- you had me at that header picture. I just want to crawl onto that shelf, next to those glossy, white suitcases and take a long nap. Somebody wake me when the Real Housewives of Orange County is back? When the world is once again as it should be? Thanks.

* The Blog Trail, of course. You goose.

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5 Responses to Is This Heaven?

  1. Natasha says:

    Love your humour and love TiG. A great escape from reality– everything is so chic…it transports me to another world!

  2. Persephone says:

    This blog is rad. Period.

  3. You are hilarious.

    Looking at TIG makes me feel SO FRUMPY. I always tell her that. ­čÖé But I love her anyways.

    Happy day (great blog!)

  4. ok, you are funnnnny! and I agree with climbing onto the shelf, TiG has the right combo of Wow photos , enchantment and beauty – I have to wonder are these professionals blogging ? and well your site is fabulous for the same style punch and hilarious writing – really giggle worthy- thanks for the laugh!!
    a doc who danced and now designs in France, quite the comical combo

  5. Raezin says:

    Maybe this divulges the extent of my blondness, but when I saw the photo at the top, I thought “that’s so pretty but how did they get a picture of heaven?”

    haha… yeah….


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