How Do You Say…

This is going to be difficult. I promise, within the confines of this elegant post, to discuss my feelings for Paris without the following cliched accompaniments:

  • “Je t’aime Paris!”
  • “Viva La Paris!”
  • Any disparaging mention of Freedom Fries
  • I really want a Croissant right now

I feel better.

Occasionally, there is a moment, usually in the middle of a long, dreary drudgery kind of day that will not end, when you see a photograph of Paris and your whole body just sighs, “That’s exactly what I needed. Yes.” If you know of what I speak, then you will also probably guess my reaction to Paris Daily Photo.

Every inch of this simple site is perfect. From the sweet welcome in the About corner, which I always imagine being read by a young Maurice Chevalier (it makes me happy. It’s been a very long day), to the short, enthusiastic captions to the glossy journalistic photographs shouting out snippets of daily life in Paris. It’ll ensure you’re checking out obscenely expensive flights to France in no time at all.

Paris not your bag, baby? There’s also a handy list of links to other City PhotoBlogs. Tokyo, Melbourne, Berne, New York. The world is yours.

Visit Paris Daily Photo tout d’suite!

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4 Responses to How Do You Say…

  1. Michael says:

    As a regular visitor to both Paris Daily Photo and City Daily Photo, I’ve got to say how much I agree with your post. Other than that…

    * “Je t’aime Paris!”
    * “Viva La Paris!”
    * Any disparaging mention of Freedom Fries
    * I really want a Croissant right now


  2. Eric says:

    Hey Ms Creme de la Mode, thank you very much for this nice post. I love the way you’ve written this entry 😉

    Long live your blog!


  3. Marie says:

    Paris is certainly my bag! There is quite a lively forum
    community at the Paris Daily Photo blog. Like minded people congregate and have a ball chatting about the daily images.
    I am glad that you have stumbled onto this blog treasure as wel!

  4. Robin says:

    Je t’aime Paris Daily Photo! It is like a little window out of my crazy life every day. Did you read the posts where a PDP regular asked Eric to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend? It was the “daily photo” the next day, so romantic! (she said yes).

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