Bangs are the New Botox

Sometime around midwinter, I realized that my overpriced, highlighted and achingly long ‘do was looking…tired. Like Real Housewives of Orange County tired. Like Rachel Zoe tired. 

The best styles gracing my screen lately are these eyelash-tickling, minimally-styled set of bangs.  I’m talking blunt, face framing, styled in seconds, loveliness. Ditching the highlights makes the whole look even fresher.

While I would love to rock the Posh asymetrical bob, or the tamer version sported by her protege Katie, I know my features looks best with some length. Keeping a healthy amount of length, I lopped off the front portion of my mane and smoothed in some serum. It was the easiest makeover I could get for under $50. And the best part is that I can trim them myself.

And for when I absolutely have to sport the bob…the most fabulous wigs I have ever seen.

Photos via Une Fille Comme Moi, &

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