Une Fille Like Me!

Why is it that the French have all the luck? They don’t get fat, they age gracefully, they never set foot in gyms, they can smoke cigarettes without looking like dock workers, their first lady is a popstar (for that matter, their popstars have style and grace). And they a preturnatural sense of fashion. Or perhaps that’s just the eye of illustrator and photographer Garance Dore. The Sartorialist may have New York covered, but Paris is le domain de Une Fille Comme Moi. Beautiful daily fashion inspiration and delicate, whimsical fashion illustrations. C’est Magnifique. Also, enjoy the literal and bemusing translations of French idioms into English, courtesy of Google Translate.

What I envision Stacey and Claudia from The Babysitter’s Club to look like now, after they ditched the kids and went to work for Caroline Rothfield. Check out the horizontal zipper on that hat. Hotness.

Her illustrations look like the pen danced across the page.

My Personal Favorite. Is there such a thing as a mustard milkshake? Cause this makes me want one. Okay gross. But this photo is lovely.

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2 Responses to Une Fille Like Me!

  1. Joni Webb says:

    I love that gold scarf – that photo is beautiful. want it now.

  2. bethenaïs says:

    yes, someone else has noticed how ruthlessly unfair this is,listen to this one, my mother-in-law is a size 4, has virtually no wrinkles, walks to mass and back each day ,eats no sugar or drinks no alcohol and fit into MY swimsuit, looking far better than moi when she was aged 70- I admit I have a hard time believing her lack of botox or fillers and give her the 9th degree at each visit- she uses BAG BALM ON HER FACE! Who knew? Now she is 81 and still outstandingly glamousl in a classic yet, casual way . She is french and her sons and daughters inherited this trait – I personally love my coffee with sucre and a glass of red –
    and yes, your depiction is stellar!

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