Some Sweet Smack

I really think that the editors of Stuff White People Like need to add “Crack/Smack” to their list. Not the actual drugs, mind you.  White people, at least the white people referenced by SWPL, don’t usually choose the smack or the crack over the more socially acceptable and physician-recommended Adderol or Vicodin. They just love referring to crack and smack in daily conversation. (e.g., “my dog was going nuts today, he is totally cracked-out” or “my boss thinks this TPS report is going to be finished today, he must be on crack.”)

White people also use the Crack/Smack in reference to their own addictions. Nary a product endorsement passes through white lips without likening said product dependency to a crack habit. They admit/proclaim their dependency on things like running marathons, specialty coffees, yoga, asian fusion food, with such intensity that can only be comparable to a smack-addicted streetwalker. They announce their need to get their Coffee Bean double shot latte “fix.” To drive home the point, they slap two fingers on an arm vein in a manner they’ve only seen Bubs do on The Wire. So authentic.  They really must be hooked.

(Note: Only “positive” habits may be likened to a crack or smack dependency – like being addicted to exercise endorphins or facials. It is not kosher to refer to actual addictions as being “your smack.” Like blow. Or drinking vodka at your cubicle. Or sleeping with married men. Pronouncing that blow is your smack would be just kinda sad.

While researching this phenomenon, we stumbled up on a prime example…Design Smack.

Courtesy of Design Smack

Once my rolling eyes refocused on the screen, I started to dig what I was seeing, and after just a few posts, I’m already jonesing for an upholstered headboard the price of my car. Most design blogs just paste up photos torn from Domino and call it a day.  Not DS.  I’m scrolling halfway down the page and I’m already fiending for flocked wallpaper. What DS understands is that, if I’m into design, I don’t want to read 17 pages about it….I want to see design! Nor do I really want to be asked my design opinion. It’s YOUR design blog.  YOU tell ME what I should want. On this count, DS delivers.

The whole site is less “which-color-green-should-I-paint-the-kid’s-crib” and more “Look-at-this-French-chateau-you’ll-never-witness-the-likes-of-in-person-so-you-can-kiss-it….you’re-never-leaving-this-blog.”  She’s right, I might not.

I don’t want the “How To” instructions for recreating a $1000 starburst using chopsticks and paint, like you get from many design blogs. Unless you’re gonna give me the “How To” marry the guy who lives in the Chateau, I’d rather just look at the pretty pictures.…I’m hooked.

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2 Responses to Some Sweet Smack

  1. Joni Webb says:

    You know, I’m 53 and we used to call heroin smack back in the days. I didn’t realize people still used that term. I read design smack and saw her write up of your write up. You are on the money about d.s. that chopstick starbust cracked me up. My achilles heel is etsy. don’t know if you show something from etsy every other post, but -….

    anyway – thoroughly enjoyed your review!!!


  2. Emily says:

    Thanks again! Your reviews are fabulous and the wit is addictive. I’ve linked you from my sight. Keep up the wonderful links!



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