Creme de la Mode Manifesto

1. This site is intended to showcase a broad range of coolness on the interweb. We do not claim to know it all, and in fact we know almost zilch about many things. Like sports. We could claim to know the coolest sports sites out there but we’d be lying.

2. Creme de la Mode in no way endorses mass consumerism. However, we fully endorse competitive window shopping. Just because we post a lot of expensive and awesome products, that does not mean we want you to go out and buy them. In fact, we DON’T want you to buy them because we can’t afford them and we’d rather not see you wearing it / driving it / sitting on it / enjoying it as it might inspire some serious jealousy on our part and we would be obliged to then post crappy products just to screw with you.

3. It is our goal to limit the amount of negativity on Creme de la Mode. We will not post about stuff or people we hate, because frankly, that will only promote click thrus to said hated ones and that would defeat our purpose. That and because our interns work for free and frankly don’t have the intellectual fortitude to categorize the ensuing hate mail. Keep it clean people.

4. We are open to any and all suggestions from readers. Don’t be offended if we don’t post your suggestions, and don’t be offended if we neglect to give you credit for your suggestions that we DO post. We will try at all times to give credit where credit is due, but again….the limitations of our interns. See #3.

5. Have fun!

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