Creme on Style Me Pretty

We’re so thankful to have our Silver Wine Goblets and Vintage Silver Trays featured on the wedding blog Style Me Pretty. The shoot was styled by the hyper-talented Tracy Taylor Ward. There are event more beautiful photos by Scott Andrew Studio on the site….

Makes me want to get married all over again! Silver Goblets and Vintage Trays available here.

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Silver Wine Goblets

I’m in silver heaven over here at the Creme Etsy store. I’ve had these gorgeous Silver Wine Goblets knocking around in my goody bag for a while, and finally decided to give them a good polish and put them out there in the world for someone else to enjoy. Wouldn’t they be the perfect thing to add a little elegance to a modern setting?

Available here.

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African Trading Beads Necklaces

The minute I saw these African Trade Beads, I honestly could not think about anything else until I bought them (dealing with said bead addiction in therapy). These are called “American Flag Chevrons” and they were made in Venice, Italy in the mid-1800’s and taken to Africa as trading beads.  Very rare. I am just dying to pair them with one of these JCrew get-ups from the spring line. Freaking fabulous.

We have two styles of the necklace available in our store. The first, pictured above, pairs the beads with brass African beads and Swarovski crystal. The second combines them with stunning recycled glass from Africa.

Both have an adjustable clasp, allowing the length to vary from 15 to 30 inches. Available in our Creme de la Mode store.

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Etsy Picks of the Week

For my Etsy picks this week, I was feeling a Southwest vibe.  I was never a fan of succulents, and suddenly…I can’t get enough! BTW, if you are in the mood for adorable mini-cactuses in every shade, Home Depot has great ones right now.

See the rest of this week’s picks here.

Items above:  Pine needle basket, succulent sculpture, Oasis Painting, Wood Necklace (to die!)

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Horn Cuff

I love a good cuff. This handcrafted horn one is so elegant. A perfect complement to a summer tan.

Available here.

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Etsy picks of the week: Numerology

There are just so many cool things on Etsy and I want them ALL. In lieu of blowing my life savings in 10 hours of internet shopping, I’ve decided to spotlight the other artists who blow my mind, and link some of them here. You can go check out this week’s picks in my Numerology Treasure list here.

So here goes!

NUMEROLOGY: Numerology is any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things.

Check out the rest of my Etsy picks of the week.

Clockwise from top left: NativeVermontRaeoLight, Ozznick1, ElaVintage

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Cobalt blue wine goblets

We’re headed out for a Mexican fiesta this weekend. My hands are covered in masa and I have 50 tamales steaming up my kitchen. Hurray for spring!

Speaking of blooming colors, I love the idea of a colorful dinner party, with mismatched plates and wine goblets in shades of orange and cobalt. Matchy-matchy is so over.

Personally, I’d start with my collection with these babies.

Available here.

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Dinosaur Egg Necklace

J’adore this antique, vintage, prehistoric necklace from Jib & Genoa. Resin beads that look like dinosaur eggs, crystals and handcrafted brass beads are woven together to perfection! Available here.

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Vintage 9-piece Bar Set a la Mad Men

Poor Betty Draper Mrs. Henry Francis. Nothing to do but wait around until the big wigs at AMC make nice and put our beloved Mad Men back in prime time where it belongs. If she’s going to be standing there looking pretty until 2012, she’s going to need an ashtray and might as well have a cocktail. After all, it’s 11 am somewhere.

How about this gorgeous baby blue, gold-rimmed 9-piece bar set to make the days go by Betty?

Order this fabulous set now and it will be yours by summer, just in time for a season 4 refresher.  It’s the only thing that will get us through to 1965.

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Sea Foam Tourmaline

Ah the sea. We all came from it. Some of us have never left. I’ve never been more inspired to design jewelry than when looking out over the coral reef of Okinawa Japan….

So when I saw these Paraiba Tourmaline stones from Brazil, I could not sleep until I made them mine. They are incredibly rare and very difficult to find. The shades of these stones drift from aquamarine to hints of lavender. Here they are paired with Cubic Zirconia and 18K gold plated discs, hanging from am 18K gold plated chain. So insanely beautiful! Purchase them here before I decide to keep them for myself!

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